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Scrapebox proxy checker stops checking after 150 proxies
Hello Loopline and all others. Happy Holidays!

I have been using scrapebox for the last 8 or so years to do various blackhat spamming. I used to use private proxies.
Recently I scraped some public ones using internal scraper. I had about 13k proxies. So when I start checking everything goes as planned until about line 120-150. It just stops and hangs. The stop button is unresponsive. I mean I can push the stop button but it doesn't do a thing. I tried to load 200 proxies and SB still stops and hangs around line 130-150. Before I start bugging the support with this I was wondering if any of you fine fellows encountered an issue like that. Who would know better then Loopline, right? Smile

If you have any ideas about adjusting TCP timeouts on Windows 7 or any other methods that would allow me to verify public proxies please let me know.

My next step would be decrease timeout of the TCP connections in registry unless you have any better ideas.


Happy Holidays mate!

It could be TCP connections, but how many connections are you running on the proxy checker? If it always hits a wall like this, its most likely security related. Because some security software has set a threshold and said " if a program creates more then X connections in X time, its a virus, block it" or something to that net effect.

Ive heard the same exact scenario literally hundreds of times before. 99% of the time its security software. So I would start there, whitelist scrapebox and the entire scrapebox folder in all security software. MAke sure to whitelist and not just disable security software as disabling it still lets existing rules still fire.

You can whitelist in your router as well.

It could however be random other things that you can try. If you can try a different internet connection or bypass the router then that could help eliminate that. I use my mobile dongle for easy testing.

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