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ScrapeBox Success story Over 7,000 Backlinks in 3 weeks!
It has been said to "keep on posting consistantly". This is ok provided you can keep finding new blogs to post to. I think there will be only a finite number of blogs and the more you use the tool to try to find new blogs - the more you will keep finding blogs that you have already posted to.

It will get harder and harder to find new blogs IMO once you have already submitted to 1000's
great tips!!Big GrinBig Grin

(03-12-2010, 04:37 AM)Erik Creed Wrote:
Hi everyone,

I thought I'd share with you my success story using scrapebox...

I've used nothing but scrapebox on 3 new domains I bought and they each got over 7,000 Backlinks within 3 weeks.

And the backlinks keep increasing on a daily basis as yahoo and other searrch engine spiders crawl these blogs and find my links.

The main secret to my success has been to save all the valid submissions after each run, then I loaded these back into scrape box right away and did a link check on all these URL's.

I saved all the URL's where my link appeared instantly and was verified through link check. And eventually I ended up having over 10,000 URL's I can simply load into scrapebox and get backlinks to any domain I want with 95%+ success rate!

My advice is don't worry about google Page Rank, focus on quantity.

I've seen sites that rank on top 3 for very competitive keywords with lot's of 0-1PR backlinks.

So yeah link spamming works. That's why Xrumer is so good.

If you build your own valid list's you'll turn scrapebox into your very own Xrumer, if not better!
I've been getting so many backlinks it's ridiculous.

Method I use:

1) Scrape Wonder Wheel for related keywords to the phrase your targeting.
2) Scrape all blog formats (WP, BE, MT, Drupal, Blogger, etc)
3) Find a group of keywords (I use google keyword tool) to use for the names but contains your main phrase in it. Make this your names file.
4) Use Link Extractor set to internal to scrape your site for all links. Remove any unwanted. Make this your Websites File.
5) Use Email Generator to create over 1mil in emails. Try your best to make one email per blog. Make this your Email File.
6) Use an article spinner to spin a massive list of comments. The more the better.
7) Blast all of the blogs after removing duplicate domains. First in fast mode, then in slow mode.
8) Use Rapid Indexer after your all done to blast all of the successful blogs without bothering to check if your link exists yet or not. More often then not it takes a while for it to go through or the admin has to approve the message. The time you waste checking you could be on to your next list.

Rinse and repeat.

Don't be afraid if your website instantly drops in the rankings after a massive blast, It's common and once the bots recalculate your inbound links your website will come back stronger afterwards. Just keep blasting and don't worry about it.

Also I dont worry about the nofollow or dofollow nonsense. It's looks a lot more natural if your backlinks contain all of them vs only dofollow blogs. Besides, only google worries about dofollow, the rest of the SE's don't. You still get credit for nofollow blogs in google but no juice. Don't beleive me, Try posting your links to nofollow gov blogs and watch your website climb. It adds authority to your site. Also as mikemiller above pointed out dont worry about PR as well. EVERYTHING COUNTS.

I've used this process with new domains, aged domains, it doesn't matter. I also used to listen to the crap being spewed on forums about some magical method (only do follow, etc, etc) but when you see evidence of your site rising through the ranks you quickly realize its all of a load of crap. Just look at the pharma spammers. They don't discriminate and keep blasting until the roof falls off.

HOPEFULLY scrapebox adds in a method for registration,blogs with facebook login and a scheduler.
you guys have never gotten slapped? link spamming directly to your money site goes against about 99.9% of what all the "experts" say.
"...then I loaded these back into scrape box right away and did a link check on all these URL's."

Anybody please tell me how I can do a link check in SB?
Just got SB and did:

Summary: 25k success of 28k list.

Wonder Weel to get many keywords
Then a scraped the keywords, removed dups.
Then i harvested like a 200k url's, removed dups
And then i used the addon to check blog status, capache, and securety, removed all capache blogs and so on

Now the list was like 28k, now i did a fast post and sucsses was 14k, then i use the slow poster on the rest 14k, so far only about 150 fails of 1000 posts with slow.

If i go by the stats it will have a success rate at about 25.5k of 28k.
I only use 2 private proxis, i guess most of the blogs are moderated so i will not see many of them passing. This is not a functional way to get high pr links, better to check all the sites PR and then sort out the good ones and do manually posting and get alot of high pr only.
noob question here: what do you mean by doing a "link Check" to find which blogs poster your comment?

I understand everything else but how do you do this link check?
Once you have successfully posted to blogs, Scrapebox has a feature that allows you to check your links to see if they went, "live". So basically its to see if they were automatically approved or possibly sitting in moderation que.

Check the image below to see what I mean.

[Image: tartersauce.png]

Once you have it ready, just click, "check links" and it will start doing its job.
Google updates it's algorithm almost two or three times a day. So someday it will have solutions on xrumer spamming as well. I would recommend all that always get backlinks organically and not by spamming.
great success story, I am working on doing the same as-well on a test blog, once complete ill post up my results.

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