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Video and Presentation SEO
A year ago I had seen a list of different video sites one could put one's video on. Would appreciate seeing it again. Also once one has created a video and or Powerpoint presentations, how does one use them to increase links and traffic to one's site. Any guidance will be appreciated.
Video sharing is good way for visiter come on you site. and same presentation ideas...thanks for sharing us.
I don't have a list, short of like

Daily Motion

But what I would do if I were you is to do some searches for popular terms that could be in video. Google has a video search, I would go there and in regular search and search for terms you want to rank for. Then just eyeball the top 20 results. You should start to see similar domains poping up over an over again. I would then focus on the sites that rank the best the most often.
Youtube and Daily Motion are best video marketing sites where you can get better traffic for your site.

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