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why I filter out captha blogs
I know that bringing up ethics when talking about s-box might sound a bit condescending but I promise, I am not trying to be. Undecided

People use a captcha on their blogs because they are trying to get rid of "spam"

They do not care what, why or under what circumstances that someone is "spamming" their blog, it's their blog and that's all that matters so we should be a little respectful of that.

Although we who use s-box do not consider ourselves spammers as we are just using a tool to automate an internet condition, we are generally considered as such by blog ops.

Blogs that use captcha are much more likely to be moderated as well, so your efforts on trying to get links on them will be generally in vain for the most part.

But that's just me, What do you think?

[Image: reputation.png]
This is a sticky area, as I do agree that people that set up capchas on their blogs obviously don't want to be spammed. But, when you put it like that, nobody that sets up blogs really wants to be spammed, as all they really want is to get their message out there and then get some (ahem) human, replies.

Chances are, if we're probably all guilty of chasing the odd spam link with this software, though I must admit, I find it's best purpose is to use ut as a great automation tool to find decent pr blogs etc, and then comment manually on them.... Heck, their blog has some decent pr, so my method is to show a little respect, read it (even if it's just to scan it over) and make a reasonably educated reply, though give me time, I am still a noob with this and may soon end up selling my soul Wink
Another reason is that those that does not put captcha are not that technical yet and they would probably not know yet how to moderate the posts hence their blogs are still auto accept blogs.
I think it is necessary, because when i comment on any blog then
i face these kind of problems.

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